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Camo Does Good strives to lift up those who have bottomed out. We uphold life recovery by partnering with such initiatives as Tierra Nueva, and as well, are committed to standards of ethical trade and fair compensation. By purchasing a product through Camo Does Good, you help us give a sense of pride and connection to those who assist this mission.

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Veronica Manderson - Camo Does GoodCamo Does Good has great compassion for the neglected; Those who have been thrown away by society: Addicts, migrant workers, ex-felons, gangs, the hungry, immigrants, returning soldiers, displaced veterans and the list goes on. Our Mission is to not only help these people rebuild their lives but to provide them with an experience of Divine Love. Founded out of respect and love for those needing help, Camo Does Good donates a full 100% of its profits to responsible charitable organizations sharing this Mission.

Buying Camo Does Good makes you a hero for someone.

Veronica Manderson, Founder/Designer/CEO 2016


In both farm work and social advocacy, real change begins underground.
For decades, Tierra Nueva’s work has sought out men and women trapped in self-feeding systems such as prisons and low-income housing projects, hoping to embody for them the Divine Love that may guide them into a hopeful future. The chaplains take their role as shepherds to heart, walking alongside America’s black sheep and seeking to protect and guide them on their journey from the underground into supportive communities.

Founded by a group of active chaplains in the 1980s, Tierra Nueva began as a soil conservation effort working mainly in the mountainous areas of Honduras.
The team has since expanded to include the Skagit Valley of the United States. Here, they reach out to migrant farmworkers hidden away in camps at the outskirts of town, as well as to the men and women in the Skagit County Jail.
Through their Family Support Center, which advocates for members as they navigate American systems, as well as their Gang Initiative, Tierra Nueva reaches out to the vulnerable members of American society who are battling for legitimacy and respect in a country where they are largely disadvantaged.

Visit our blog for more about Tierra Nueva. It’s a must read.

Mesilla Valley Community of Hope Camo Does Good Partners
Mesilla Valley Community of Hope is a service center that addresses homelessness and poverty in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County, New Mexico. The mission is to promote dignity and empowerment among the homeless population by providing case management, disability and income assistance and permanent housing. MVCH provides a variety of services including, but not limited to: day shelter services, an overnight tent city, intensive case management, housing programs, and assistance with disability applications in a compassionate manner and professional atmosphere that promote and facilitate transitioning out of homelessness and into stable housing for homeless, near-homeless, indigent and disabled clients.