I LOVE my duster. Heads turn. Literally !!! I had the privilege of meeting the visionary founder of Camo Does Good, (CDG). Blending business with her compassion has resulted in an extraordinary movement….addressing recovery of the really hurting by cleverly recycling used camo into designer clothing. 

Chris Vicencio, Owner/Wellness Solutions for Life, Phoenix, AZ 




My name is Harvey and I am a disabled combat veteran. I own a Camo duster and I am thrilled to offer my recommendation of Camo products. 

Harvey Hilbert, Las Cruces, NM 



I purchased the woodland duster from CDG, and everywhere I go, people ask me where I got it. I love how they recycled used camo fatigues into a long duster. So very hip. It goes great with my whole wardrobe. 

Jane Taylor, Grad Student, USC 



As an addiction counselor, I love how the mission statement includes addicts who have been thrown away by society. CDG gets major props in my book! The various groups of people it encompasses and helps, gives me hope for a brighter future. I will definitely be buying more in the near future! Thanks CDG!  

Arielle App, Addiction Counselor, NM 



I just opened my camo duster and ribboned jacket. They were wrapped up like presents!!! They are very cool!  CDG…Class act! 
Connor Taylor, Entrepreneur 




The ribbon jacket and duster look perfect on me. That touch of pink ribbon is a real wow factor. Put them with jeans, all black and boots.  I’m a mortgage banker but my clients like to see me in my trendy fashion wardrobe. They say my clothes match my forward thinking business approach.Plus it means a lot that you’re actually giving all your profits to help desperate people. 
Jamie Wiersema, Mortgages, Newport Beach CA 



As a biker, I have worn the duster on road trips and found it to be comfortable and useful. Ample pocket space. Fit nicely.  Workmanship superb, the designs wonderful, and the company supports charitable causes with every single sale.  What more can anyone ask? I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend these products!   

Rev. Dr. Harvey Daiho Hilbert-rosh, author  (Harvey has written fascinating books. Go to his site. Editor.) 




I purchased one of your fabulous dusters and I cannot wear it enough. Everywhere I go people want to know where I got it. Surprisingly warm it is so wind resistant. That counts here in the “Windy City”. 

Lena Marin, Women’s Clothing Design, Chicago, Ill 




The biggest reason I bought the duster is not only because it is so very cool, but because of your mission. I was so moved by your dedication to helping those who never get noticed.  I like it that you call me a “hero” for buying. 

Genevieve Sanders 

Fashion Design Consultant, Dallas 




Wow! What an impression I seem to be making when I wear my camo coat. I was in Victoria, Canada and people actually chased me down on the street wanting to know about it. One 68 year old man and his wife each wanted to get one. Great Mission Statement. 

Alyce Bjorn, Graphic Artist, Seattle